Builders of new diecast and injection mold tooling and repair.
Among other disciplines, we are experienced in developing a complete and coordinated tooling package. In this role, we offer the following services:
  • New diecast mold build 
  • CAD modeling and design
  • Cavity replacement & repair
  • Core replacement & repair
  • Slide carrier replacement & repair
  • Mold base refurbishing
We also specialize in providing CAD services to our clients for new and repair work on tooling components.
We have incorporated welding techniques to prolong the life of repairs due to engineering changes or broken components.  These includes:
  • Engineering changes to cavities & slides
  • Date core and logo engravings
  • Repair broken or worn slide cores
  • Repair washed-out runners and gatings
  • Broken features on cavities
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